A Guide to Temporary Fixing of Crowns with DSI Temp OTC at Home

If you find yourself frustrated and anxious because your crown has unexpectedly come loose, and a prompt dental visit isn't feasible, DSI Temp OTC is the perfect solution for you! Experience the remarkable ease with which you can achieve an outstanding temporary fix using DSI Temp OTC. Crowns detaching is a common occurrence with various possible causes, and DSI Temp OTC offers a convenient means to secure loose or lost caps and crowns at home while awaiting your dental appointment. Unlike the risky use of household glues like superglues, which can have toxic effects and lead to additional health problems, DSI Temp OTC stands out as a stable, safe, and reliable option for addressing issues with your crowns and bridges. Designed as a user-friendly, single-step cement, DSI Temp OTC comes pre-mixed in a syringe for straightforward application by non-professionals. It provides good adhesion strength, and your dentist can effortlessly remove it later. Specifically tailored for re-cementing crowns, DSI Temp OTC proves to be the optimal choice for at-home use. When your crown unexpectedly comes off, rest assured that DSI Temp OTC is genuinely a lifesaver!


  • DSI Temp OTC provides a convenient solution for securing loose or lost caps and crowns at home.


  • A solution of professional-grade quality
  • Pre-mixed and ready in a syringe
  • No need for mixing
  • Easy application
  • Non-toxic
  • Perfect for home use
  • Suitable for 25 or more repairs

DSI Temp OTC Loose Crown and Fallen Caps Fix at Home DIY Tutorial

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