Cell-Occlusive Nature of DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane

With 99.9% collagen type I free of telopeptides, DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane is a resorbable, two-layer, non-cross-linked barrier material composed of highly purified bovine atelocollagen type I. With all the desired qualities, DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane is perfect for usage in/creation of ideal circumstances for both GTR and GBR procedures. Collagen's exceptional cell affinity and biocompatibility allow DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane to blend in with the host tissues effortlessly without triggering inflammatory reactions. Because DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane is resorbable, there is no need for a second procedure to remove the membrane, which minimizes patient morbidity and time spent in the operating room. In contrast to nonresorbable membranes, DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane does not raise the possibility of bacterial colonization on the membrane, which could impede the healing process. Cell-occlusive, DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane acts as a natural barrier to keep unwanted, non-osteogenic cells out of the bone augmentation site while facilitating the exchange of vital nutrients. The flexibility and stability of DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane are well balanced. Better handling qualities are offered by the material, which is also simple to contour apply and may adapt to the unique anatomy of the defect. Nonetheless, DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane is sufficiently stiff to preserve room and function as a scaffold. Tear resistance is ensured by its ideal density. By encouraging cellular proliferation, DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane creates an environment that is conducive to accelerating tissue regeneration.

Medical-grade collagen is used in the production of DSI Zenoss Bio+ Membrane in accordance with global quality requirements. Grafting operations are made simpler, safer, and more predictable by the ideal fusion of superior handling qualities and mechanical features.


  • Implanting flaws in the skeletal system
  • Repair of inherited and acquired soft tissue and bone abnormalities
  • Lifting the sinuses
  • Cystectomy Periodontitis (reconstructive surgery and minimally invasive therapy options)
  • Cutting off the tip of the root
  • Defect filling following cyst removal
  • Closure of lower jaw canal and maxillary sinus perforations, as well as tooth Extraction (difficult or not)
  • In order to stabilize the clot


  • Ultra-purified collagen from type I cow
  • Ideal bilayer arrangement
  • Not using any more cross-linking agents
  • Absorbable
  • Occlusive cells
  • Stability in mechanics
  • Innocent and extremely biocompatible
  • Increased tensile strength
  • Outstanding tensile strength
  • Powerful and adaptable
  • Flexible and ready to adapt
  • Easy to handle
  • Simple to use when performing surgery
  • The membranes biodegrade in three to six months.

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