DSI Dental Formocresol For Root Canal and Pulpotomy Treatment


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  • Formocresol is widely used in pulpotomy procedures, particularly in pediatric dentistry.
  • May be used as an interim root canal medicament in permanent teeth
  • In vital pulp therapy procedures to treat reversible pulpitis or traumatic pulp exposures in primary and permanent teeth
  • May provide temporary pain relief in cases of dental pulp inflammation by exerting a mild analgesic effect

Features & Benefits:

  • DSI Formocresol is a trusted choice in endodontic procedures, especially in pediatric dentistry, offering reliable efficacy in treating dental pulp issues
  • Specifically formulated for pulpotomy procedures, it excels in the partial removal of the dental pulp, crucial for managing extensive decay or trauma in primary teeth
  • As a milder alternative to traditional arsenic paste, DSI Formocresol ensures effective disinfection without compromising on safety, making it particularly suitable for pediatric patients
  • Potent antibacterial properties, making it indispensable in root canals and vital pulpotomy, ensuring thorough disinfection for optimal treatment outcomes
  • DSI Formocresol provides significant relief from a painful inflammation of tooth pulp, offering comfort to patients
  • It serves as an excellent choice for secondary treatment on teeth and root canals, offering devitalizing properties
Package contents:
  • 1 DSI Formocresol liquid for selection 15ml/30ml

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