DSI Chlor-Ex Chlorhexidine Solution 2%


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  • A part of surgical and endodontic disinfection procedures
  • Root canal surface disinfection before sensitive root treatment. Before the crown cementation or luting cement application by the direct restorative placement
  • To minimize post-operational sensitivity
  • Highly effective mouth rinse when diluted

Features & Benefits:

  • Active ingredient: Chlorhexidine bigluconate (2%)
  • Effective antiseptic properties
  • Antiseptic activity against gram-positive and gram-negative bacteria
  • Inhibition of anaerobic flora within root canals
  • Maintains effectiveness in intraoral conditions
  • Does not weaken the adhesion of filling material to tooth tissues
  • Fast and effective protection against a wide range of microorganisms
  • Binds with tissues for extended antibacterial activity
  • Reduces post-operational sensitivity
  • Can be used as a part of surgical and endodontic disinfection procedures
  • Suitable for disinfecting root canal surfaces before sensitive root treatment or dental restorative procedures
  • Versatile use as a mouth rinse when diluted
Package contents:
  • 1 bottle of DSI Chlor-EX for selection 100ml/250ml

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