DSI Megatron Kit- Creating a Solid Foundation for Implant Placement

People who had previously suffered from missing or failing teeth now have the opportunity to live more comfortably thanks to advancements in restorative dentistry. Patients can smile with confidence and maintain healthy mouths thanks to advanced dental implant treatments. For stability and integration, dental implants require a sufficient quantity and quality of bone. Early stability is essential to a good result. Dental professionals must carefully consider and plan for the unique obstacles that come with placing maxillary implants in the posterior edentulous region. Implant placement is frequently hampered by low bone quality and limited residual alveolus height. Implant placement procedures within this edentulous section are further complicated by the anatomy of the maxillary sinus.

To tackle these issues, methods for elevating the maxillary sinus have been devised to augment the bone height available for implant placement in the posterior maxilla. Sinus augmentation entails lifting the sinus membrane and introducing bone graft material beneath it, effectively elevating and increasing the sinus floor height. A crestal approach can execute this procedure, allowing for a closed sinus lift without extensive incisions or significant trauma. What distinguishes this technique is its capacity to achieve effective sinus floor augmentation while minimizing postoperative morbidity. The crestal approach eliminates the need for creating a bone window on the side wall of the maxillary sinus, resulting in reduced invasiveness and better preservation of natural bone structure. Moreover, the crestal approach offers enhanced accessibility and manual control when determining implant positioning.

This approach presents an efficient and less invasive solution for patients in need of sinus lift procedures. By incorporating bone graft material into the implant site, a robust foundation for implant integration is established. This not only enhances aesthetic outcomes but also ensures long-term durability and functionality. For the precise and confident execution of this intricate surgery, surgeons require a comprehensive set of instruments. Megatron, the ultimate sinus lift kit, has been intricately designed in collaboration with experienced maxillofacial surgeons and implantology experts to cater to every conceivable need. This kit encompasses all essential instruments for performing both lateral and crestal sinus lifts, as well as manipulating narrow bone ridge expansion. It also includes implant positioning guides for simplified and precise freehand implant placement. Instead of utilizing and sterilizing three or sometimes even four different kits for each procedure, Megatron streamlines the process, saving a substantial amount of time and proving to be the most cost-effective toolset on the market. With this advanced toolkit, surgeons can approach sinus lifting procedures with an unprecedented level of expertise, ensuring successful and predictable outcomes. Megatron is indispensable for dental professionals aiming to deliver the highest standard of care in sinus augmentation procedures.


  • Safe lifting of the lateral and crestal sinus membranes
  • Enhancement of the sinus bone
  • Two-stage implantation and instant loading
  • Placement of single and multiple implants
  • expansion of the bone ridge and prompt implantation of implants
  • manipulation of the sinus membrane
  • Alveolar ridge augmentation and reconstructive procedures
  • Handling extraction sockets
  • Maintaining the Alveolar Ridge
  • Precise and guided implant implantation
  • Implanting multiple units in parallel
  • Safe expansion that keeps the buccal plate intact
  • Splitting ridges without a mallet
  • obtaining robust initial stability during ridge split operations in order to load immediately
  • Planning prosthetic components and implant placement without a surgical guide


  • Contains all essential instruments for both lateral and crestal sinus lifting, as well as narrow bone ridge expansion.


  • Comprehensive universal kit with all necessary instruments, eliminating the need for extra tools or units
  • Consolidates everything into one complete kit, replacing the requirement for 3 or 4 different units
  • Saves significant chair and sterilization time, proving to be the most cost-effective option
  • Offers versatile possibilities for implantation in any condition
  • Utilized for simplified precise freehand implant placement without relying on a surgical guide
  • Ensures accurate and precise implant placement
  • Innovative design allows for quick and easy centering
  • Applicable for single or multiple implants
  • Provides precise and predictable results with minimal effort
  • Crafted from the highest quality stainless steel, ensuring extreme durability
  • Safely and rapidly widens narrow bone ridges
  • Reduces overall treatment and healing time
  • Enhances initial implant stability by providing a larger space
  • Combined solution for crestal and lateral sinus lifting approaches
  • Specially designed reamers to prevent damage to the sinus membrane
  • Tailored to deliver optimal results without compromising patient comfort and safety
  • Completely autoclavable, including the box made using the highest quality plastic polymer.

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