Sterility, Safety, and Bacteriostatic Capability- The DSI Silver Sponge

Dental clinicians universally seek hemostatic agents with specific properties, including safety, sterility, bacteriostatic capability, effectiveness, good tolerance, affordability, and quick applicability. DSI Silver Sponge aligns perfectly with these criteria, possessing both hemostatic and bactericidal properties. Comprising a colloidal silver-preserved gelatin collagen sponge, it serves as a contemporary pharmaceutical substitute for iodoform, which has either been phased out in various countries or involves a protracted registration process. DSI Silver Sponge contributes to the stabilization of blood clots, enhances coagulation through thrombocyte accumulation, and ensures swift hemostasis. The colloidal silver within it acts as a potent defense against diverse oral microorganisms, including antibiotic-resistant bacteria. The sponge's snug fit eliminates the risk of secondary cavities and fissures, while its notable benefit lies in long-lasting antimicrobial activity. The sparingly soluble silver remains within the sponge, facilitating a continuous release of silver ions throughout the resorption process.


  • On operating tissues, it immediately controls oozing and seals up bleeding tissues.
  • Socket extraction during implant placement
  • Treatment of alveoli and wounds following a cystostomy, apical amputation, and sinus perforations
  • Treatment following surgical removal of tumors or retained teeth
  • Wound infection prevention
  • Secondary cavity formation is avoided.


  • Quick hemostasis
  • Antimicrobial activity that lasts a long time
  • The blood coagulum is stabilized.
  • It is effective against a wide variety of microorganisms.
  • Chair time has been reduced.
  • Handling is simple.
  • There are no complications or side effects.
  • Iodoform-free purified first-grade gelatin
  • Within two weeks, biological absorption occurs.

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