3D Printing for Biocompatible, Translucent, Autoclavable Surgical Guides

DSI 3D resins empower you to fully leverage the advantages offered by 3D printing. Specifically crafted for the purpose, DSI Surgical Guide 3D Resin is designed to generate biocompatible, translucent, autoclavable 3D printed surgical guides. These guides facilitate precise, rapid, and efficient surgeries, leading to more predictable outcomes and a higher success rate. By enhancing accuracy, the 3D printed surgical guides support the optimal placement of implants. They also contribute to the reduction of surgery time, minimizing stress and trauma for patients.

The exceptional clarity of the material provides improved visibility, coupled with high dimensional stability, offering complete procedural control. DSI Surgical Guide 3D Resin boasts high flexural strength, ensuring resilience against breakage, fractures, and distortions. For intraoral use, the resin guarantees complete safety through biocompatibility, the absence of harmful monomers, and the elimination of any odors or fumes.


  • Designed to generate biocompatible surgical guides through 3D printing.


  • Patient safety is guaranteed through biocompatibility.
  • Optimal visibility is achieved with translucency.
  • The material is autoclavable.
  • It exhibits high flexural strength and resistance to breakage.
  • Exceptional accuracy is a notable feature.
  • The material is heat-resistant.
  • Shrinkage is minimal.
  • There is an absence of odor, fumes, or harmful monomers.

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