The success of an implant relies significantly on biomechanical factors, with the design of the implant playing a pivotal role. The DSI SMART Implant, approved by the FDA for complete safety and optimal efficacy, embodies a meticulously crafted design essential to its unparalleled functionality. This well-thought-out design draws inspiration from the distinct characteristics of cortical and cancellous bone structures. The denser, stronger, and stiffer cortical bone contributes to achieving and maintaining primary stability, particularly in areas where maximum stress is concentrated during functional loading, as indicated by research. Conversely, cancellous bone, with its high vascularity and compressibility, containing red bone marrow acting as a source of stem cells, aids in the healing process.

The innovative design of the DSI SMART Implant leverages the strengths of each bone type, mitigates their weaknesses, and safeguards bone structure. Featuring two different thread profiles, the implant ensures favorable load distribution.
The upper part's double thread expands the surface area, enhancing osteointegration and reducing compression on the cortical bone. The lower part's single thread with greater depth facilitates improved grip on the cancellous bone, promoting compression and maintaining a high blood supply, thereby stimulating bone bio-activity and minimizing cortical bone resorption. Consistency in thread advancement on both upper and lower parts eliminates tension between components. The slightly tapered form requires less apical space, providing superior primary stability and optimized distribution of compressive forces. The rounded apex protects the sinus floor and allows for surgical flexibility. Each DSI SMART Implant undergoes SLA treatment, extending the surface area and promoting enhanced bone-to-implant contact. With FDA approval, the DSI SMART Implant stands out for its unrivaled functionality and exceptional mechanical performance.


  • Lower part with a single thread for improved grip on cancellous bone, promoting compression and maintaining high blood supply.


  • FDA-approved
  • Distinct dual-thread design
  • Preserves bone structure
  • Outstanding primary stability
  • Expanded surface area for enhanced bone-to-implant contact
  • Enhanced grip on cortical bone without excessive pressure
  • Uniform load distribution throughout its entire length
  • Withstands higher axial and vertical loads in comparison to alternative implants
  • Promotes ample blood supply around the implant core
  • Applicable for both immediate loading and traditional two-stage protocols
  • Rounded apex featuring self-tapping threads for increased surgical flexibility and protection of the sinus floor
  • Constructed from titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI, compliant with ASTM-F136-02
  • Internal hex connection supports the complete range of DSI prosthetic components

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