DSI PDO Sutures- For Prolonged Wound Support During Extended Healing Periods

DSI PDO sutures, constructed from polyester poly (p-dioxanone), are synthetic absorbable monofilament sutures. Their monofilament design induces minimal tissue reactivity, ensuring easier tissue passage and reducing the risk of wound infection compared to braided suture materials. Additionally, DSI PDO sutures exhibit exceptional handling properties, facilitating the creation of secure knots. The predictable absorption of DSI PDO sutures is facilitated by a simple hydrolytic mechanism, providing up to 50 days of wound support, with complete absorption occurring within 180 days. These sutures demonstrate superior tensile strength and flexibility. With their extended retention capabilities, DSI PDO sutures are particularly advantageous for cases requiring absorbable sutures and prolonged wound support, lasting up to six weeks. This makes them an ideal choice for surgical scenarios where effective and reliable wound support during an extended healing period is essential.


  • Ideal for surgical scenarios with an extended healing period, ensuring effective and reliable wound support.


  • Monofilament sutures that are synthetic and absorbable
  • Minimal reactivity with tissues
  • Effortless passage through tissues
  • Exceptional knot security
  • Remarkable tensile strength, ideal for managing soft tissues and guided tissue regeneration (GTR)
  • Low shape memory
  • Consistent and predictable absorption rate
  • Effective and reliable support for wounds, particularly beneficial during extended healing periods

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