DSI PureSponge: Harnessing the Power of a Soft, White Absorbable Collagen Material

DSI PureSponge is an absorbable, soft and white collagen material. DSI PureSponge effectively controls bleeding and accelerates healing due to the inherent hemostatic properties of collagen. This hemostatic agent is a sponge-like product that is nontoxic, coherent, and nonfriable. Its structure is porous and pliable. DSI PureSponge is extremely absorbent and can hold many times its own weight in fluids. When applied, DSI PureSponge absorbs blood and wound exudates while also acting as a matrix to strengthen the blood clot. When collagen comes into contact with blood, it activates the intrinsic pathway of the coagulation cascade, hastening clot formation. DSI PureSponge also guards against further injury to the wound bed. Dental patients who are taking blood thinners must take extra precautions, as these medications can cause complications during oral surgery. In such cases, DSI PureSponge is particularly effective.


  • Biopsy techniques
  • Filling voids in tissue at extraction sites
  • Periodontal flaws
  • Subantral enhancement
  • Containment of a sinus graft
  • Defects in the alveolar ridge
  • Slot grafting
  • Schneiderian membrane rupture
  • Soft tissue reconfiguration


  • DSI PureSponge is a soft, white, and absorbable collagen material.


  • It helps to keep blood clots stable.
  • Very absorbent
  • The coagulation mechanism is activated.
  • Simple to manipulate
  • Encourages wound healing
  • It heals oral wounds.
  • Available in three convenient shapes to meet a variety of needs.

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