DSI STT Tissue Trimmer: A Tool for Gingival Trimming

The DSI STT Ceramic Tissue Trimmer is a rotating gingival trimming instrument that can easily replace scalpels and electrosurgery. It has a friction-grip shank and can be used without water coolant spray with a high-speed turbine. The tip is made of a unique ceramic that is nanostructured zirconia stabilized with yttrium. Tissue friction causes the cutting tip to heat up, resulting in immediate tissue coagulation. The bleeding is virtually eliminated this way. The instrument's design overcomes the disadvantages of lasers: the DSI STT tissue trimmer is inexpensive, simple to use, and allows for minimal bleeding during the procedure. In comparison to instruments with a round tip, the sharp tip of the DSI STT tissue trimmer improves precision by requiring a smaller cut.
This instrument offers maximum precision and control. By incorporating the DSI STT Tissue Trimmer into your practice, you can make your surgeries faster and easier.


  • Ideal for achieving optimal results with minimal bleeding.

Ideal for

  • Gingiva contouring for cosmetic purposes
  • Inflamed gingival soft tissue contouring
  • Sulcus widening for fixed prosthodontic impressions
  • Deep cervical caries or external resorption are exposed.
  • Intraosseous implant recovery
  • revealing partially erupted wisdom teeth or fractured teeth
  • Granulation tissue removal
  • Crown elongation
  • Operculectomy


  • Made from biocompatible zirconia of the highest quality.
  • Lasers and surgical blades are effectively replaced.
  • enables high precision.
  • Causes tissue coagulation, which stops bleeding.
  • There is a low risk of overheating.
  • Autoclavable

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