DSI-Sponge Gelatine Foam: Managing Bleeding and Post-extraction Socket

The DSI-Sponge sticks to the bleeding site with ease and absorbs about 40–50 points of its liquid's weight. DSI-Sponge is completely biocompatible, non-toxic, hypoallergenic, and does not exacerbate any immunological response. It is used in many different oral surgical procedures where conventional hemostatic measures are either unnecessary or inappropriate. It takes 3–4 weeks for it to be fully absorbed after being embedded. It also influences the coagulation process and acts as a mechanical barrier to bleeding. The porous structure of the DSI-Sponge stimulates the thrombocytes as soon as the blood comes into contact with the matrix. Their combination is stimulated by the thrombocytes' instantaneous response. They start acting as a catalytic agent and alter the character symptoms in order to aid in the formation of new fibrin.

When the time is right, the DSI-Sponge could be left on the bleeding site. The sponge is completely absorbed without any further interference, aiding in the wound's healing process. One of the commonly used agents for bleeding control, this absorption depends on a number of factors, including the amount used, the degree of saturation with blood or other fluids, and the site of use. Unlike most normal collagen, DSI-Sponge does not alter the blood-clotting mechanism; rather, it is linked to the formation of the mechanical matrix that promotes clotting 5-8. In one week, DSI-Sponge dissolves, and in three or four weeks, it completely resorbs. Highly pure first extract grade collagen is used to make DSI-Sponge.

There are no irritating or possibly biotoxic effects of DSI-Sponge. DSI-Sponge encourages tissue regeneration during the healing phase; it can be comfortably removed and never needs assistance. It absorbs completely in a matter of weeks. Additionally offered as the DSI-Sponge Plus, which are ready-to-use collagen freeze-dried sponges containing a combination of thymol, iodoform, eugenol, and lidocaine as hemostatic and antiseptic ingredients. Iodoform, the active ingredient in DSI-Sponge Plus, functions as an antiseptic sponge that, when in contact with living tissues, disperses iodine, exhibiting antimicrobial activity, strict and anti-inflammatory properties, and facilitating the formation of granulation tissue.

In dentistry, DSI-Sponge Plus is used for wound dressing, such as following tooth extractions, dental surgeries, and canal preparations. DSI Sponge Plus performs a triple function by stopping blood flow, reducing pain and discomfort, and simultaneously disinfecting the wound. In addition to being known to halt bleeding, DSI Sponge Plus is also thought to serve as a disinfectant and has the ability to engage the contamination in order to clean the wound. 

Possessing qualities that are a little bit similar to those of the original DSI Sponge and fully absorbing in three to four weeks.

  1. When it comes to operating tissues, it usually stops the bleeding tissues right away.
  2. When performing dentoalveolar surgery or extracting teeth from patients who are at risk of bleeding, it is helpful.
  3. removal of mandibular cysts and restoration of mucosal tissues
  4. maxillofacial medicine.
  5. as an adjunctive strategy to other hemostasis methods.


  • Iodoform in DSI-Sponge Plus acts as an antiseptic, exhibiting antimicrobial, antifungal, anti-inflammatory properties and facilitating granulation tissue formation.


  • Within three to four weeks, it is biologically absorbed.
  • Instantly stops the bleeding tissues.
  • Precisely the right size for use in dentistry.
  • Applied either dry or soaked in a thrombin solution.
  • Outstanding biocompatibility.


  • No negative effects facilitate the healing process.
  • halts bleeding and blood loss.
  • cuts down on chair time.
  • Manage bleeding during apicoectomies and extractions.
  • Made with genuine, highly pure first-grade gelatin

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