DSI UniTemp Clear - Your Permanent Solution for Temporary Restoration

DSI UniTemp Clear is a resin-based, transparent cement that does not contain any eugenol. This product is ideal for temporary crowns, bridges, inlays, and onlays as it holds them securely with an excellent bond strength to prevent leakage and irritation. At the same time, the removal of this temporary cement can be done without causing any damage to the previous preparation. DSI UniTemp Clear is a non-eugenol cement specially designed for temporary crowns and bridges, as well as for trial cementation of permanent restorations. DSI UniTemp Clear is an innovative product delivered in an Automix syringe so it is ready to use solution without any mixing needed. It has an excellent ability to adhere to temporary materials while being easily removable from prepared teeth.

Furthermore, the DSI UniTemp Clear non-eugenol formula ensures that it will not have any effect on the setting of resin-based filling or luting materials. In addition, this product is highly recommended for those with allergic sensitivity due to its zinc oxide and organic acid-based formulation.

Features include:

• Perfect for the highly esthetic anterior zone
• Ensures compatibility with resin-based permanent cement
• Easy to remove the excess cement
• Excellent radiopacity
• Low thickness film
• Delivers optimal consistency for solid, complete seating of temporary restorations.
• Enhances patient comfort.
• Minimizes the potential for damage to the prep or temporary restoration
• Ideal for all indications including inlays, inlays, crowns, and bridges
• Extremely retentive, yet easy to remove
• The non-eugenol formula will not interfere with resin bonding
• Able to withstand normal biting and chewing forces
• Convenient and easy delivery system via automix syringe
• No material waste


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