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DSI Syntoss Plus is a bone grafting system, carefully developed to simplify bone grafting procedures. The osteoplastic material is completely synthetic, pure-phase β-Tricalcium Phosphate. The system includes one syringe that contains beta-tricalcium phosphate (β-TCP) granules coated with a thin shell of a biodegradable copolymer, and another one with solvent/activator.

The formula of DSI Syntoss Plus bone substitute allows the material to be inserted directly into the bone defect, without the need to guess what liquid to use to mix with the granules. The material eliminates several additional steps, offering easy, fast, less cumbersome handling.

After application, DSI Syntoss Plus gel quickly hardens into a stable, porous scaffold that consists of interconnected granules. As soon as the material sets, the granules are penetrated by blood at once due to the unique micro-porous architecture. The structure of the material ensures DSI Syntoss Plus ideally fits the defect morphology. This provides unmatchable primary volume stability and precise facilitated augmentation.

The material is inert and does not cause immunogenic or toxic effects.

DSI Syntoss Plus is optimized for bone regeneration and based on pure phase β - tricalcium phosphate, do not contain substances of animal origin, and has excellent biological compatibility with body tissues.

DSI Syntoss is a superb alternative to traditional grafting materials offering multiple benefits. One of the most dangerous potential risks of natural grafts is disease transmission, which is easily avoided with DSI Syntoss. It eliminates the need for donor grafts for a faster and more predictable treatment.

Many patients are not willing to use animal or cadaver tissue for a number of reasons, including religious or due to the risk of contamination.

A unique, engineered ionic release of calcium and phosphate ions results in the stimulation of families of genes that are known to be critical in the repair and regeneration of bone tissue.

DSI Syntoss Plus bone graft will enhance patients’ comfort and confidence, ensuring fast treatment and successful results.


What's so unique about this product?

  1. Excellent binder:
    Syntoss Plus is an excellent binder for other granular augmentation materials and prevents particle migration. Syntoss can be used as a barrier over other augmentation materials, supporting predictable outcomes.
  2. Versatile:
    Syntoss Plus may be used either as bonding composite graft or by itself. It boosts other grafting materials for the augmentation of large defects and can be used alone for small defects and for socket preservation procedures.
  3. Easy handling:
    Initial pliable, paste sets within two to five minutes, allowing both a significant reduction of procedure time and excellent handling.
  4. Perfect stability: Setting is not affected by the presence of blood or saliva.
  5. Pure and safe: Syntoss Plus is purely synthetic and does not contain any components other than calcium phosphate.
  6. Osteoconductive: The unique porous structure of Syntoss Plus allows infiltration of growth factors through its microspores, as well as angiogenesis and cell proliferation through its macropores.
  7. Completely resorbs: Syntoss Plus completely resorbs, leaving behind the newly regenerated natural bone

Step-by-step Instructions video:


View Surgical Case: Periodontal Pocket Restoration using DSI Syntoss Plus
by Dr Miroshnik Vladislav

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