DSI Zoer Root Canal Sealant - Time-proven Formula

DSI Zoer Root Canal Sealant is a non-inflammatory, antibacterial sealant used to fill dental root canals. DSI Zoer Root incorporates reinforcing polymer from o-ethoxy benzoic acid Eugenol powder. This provides the root strength to deal with condensation forces while also ensuring adequate life when used as a temporary filling. Root Canal Sealant is typically a two-component product, such as powder and liquid, that contains inorganic metal salts and eugenol. The mixing properties are improved by incorporating the reinforcing agent into the powder rather than the liquid. Even though DSI Zoer Root is reinforced, it can be easily removed when used in a temporary restoration. As a result, it has become the material of choice for a wide range of procedures, from temporary root filling to the complex multiple infected root treatment. DSI Zoer Root is a non-irritating technique that fits dental restoration solutions in all shapes and sizes. It has excellent flowability and fills the lateral canals and dentine tubules. DSI Zoer Root is a non-inflammatory antibacterial sealant.

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DSI Zoer Root, Powder 25g / Liquid 8ml ZOER-ROOT



  • Filling dental root canals
  • Treatment of Pulpitis
  • Treatment of periodontitis
  • Filling of the root canals with morphological changes
  • Filling with gutta-percha


Under restorative materials (amalgam, silicate/
Glass ionomer, silicophosphate). Temporary filling material can be used for
Fixing provisional crowns


Because Zoer liquid contains Eugenol, the polymerization of acrylic and
Composite resins and temporary C&B materials are both prohibited. Avoid using
Zoer, along with the materials


  • Non-inflammatory and antiseptic
  • Based on Grossman's Formula
  • Radiopaque and stain-resistant Excellent thermal insulation
  • Very long working hours
  • Excellent lubricating properties
  • Low zinc levels reduce cytotoxic and inflammatory effects on tissues.
  • Excellent physical properties for long-lasting restorations
  • Polymerization shrinkage is low.
  • Increased filler content
  • Extremely high abrasion resistance
  • Warm gutta-percha technique is ideal.
  • Outstanding mixing abilities
  • It is clearly visible under x-ray.


  • Antibacterial formula that is non-inflammatory
  • Excellent mixing properties with extended working time
  • When properly installed, it provides excellent thermal insulation.
  • Mixing time of 6+ hours for maximum comfort and control

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