Polishing for Oral Health- DSI Diamond Polishing Paste

The demand for esthetic and reconstructive dental services is increasing, and polishing is more important than ever. Dental restorations benefit greatly from ongoing care in order to achieve and maintain extremely lifelike restorations with a high luster and glossy finish. Various factors in the oral environment have a negative impact on dental restorations and can hasten their deterioration. Polishing is important in the maintenance of dental restorations because it not only provides a smooth and slick surface, a clean feeling, luster and shine, but it also improves oral health and has a therapeutic effect. Polishing increases the longevity of the restoration, supports its attractive natural appearance by reducing the potential for stain retention, and reduces bacterial adhesion, which can lead to gingival inflammation and recurrent caries. DSI provides polishing solutions that include a coarse paste for initial polishing and surface preparation and a fine paste for finishing. This high-quality polishing kit is ideal for composite, amalgam, and ceramic restorations.

DSI Diamond Polishing Paste is a diamond-impregnated paste that works quickly to ensure unrivaled luster, high smoothness, and an attractive, natural-looking appearance of the patient's rejuvenated smile. It makes finishing and polishing easier, resulting in a smooth, shiny surface. The DSI Diamond Coarse Polishing Paste was created specifically for initial polishing and surface preparation. It produces excellent polishing results due to the high diamond concentration. DSI Diamond Coarse Polishing Paste is the ideal solution for initial polishing, delivering excellent results with ease and exceeding expectations! DSI Diamond Fine Polishing Paste is ideal for final polishing to achieve the natural enamel's "dry gloss" appearance. The paste is designed specifically for cosmetic restorations. The fine abrasive paste polishes the surface gently for a shiny finish.

DSI Diamond Polishing Paste ensures splatter-free application and rinses easily for maximum convenience. Use a nylon brush or a prophy cup to apply DSI Diamond Polishing Paste. DSI Diamond Polishing Paste is a powerful polishing solution that assists clinicians in providing the best possible care to their patients while also preserving their beautiful smile.

Product SKU's

Product Code
DSI Diamond Paste, 2 Syringes x 4g DIA-PASTE
DSI Diamond Paste Fine, 4g Syringe DIA-PASTE-F
DSI Diamond Paste Coarse, 4g Syringe DIA-PASTE-C


  • DSI Diamond Polishing Paste can be applied with a nylon brush or a prophy cup, offering flexibility to the clinician.
  • DSI Diamond Polishing Paste ensures splatter-free application and rinses effortlessly, providing exceptional ease of use during the polishing process.


  • Composite, amalgam, and ceramic dental restorations are ideal.
  • It is a one-step or two-step universal polishing paste made with Applied Diamond Technology.
  • Extra-fine diamond abrasive particles are abundant.
  • Ensures a smooth, glassy finish
  • For the best aesthetics
  • Improves oral health
  • Cares for you gently
  • Maintains the surface anatomy and texture for a natural look.
  • Enhances wear-resistance capabilities
  • Splatter-free

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