DSI Hemostatic Gel for Minor Cuts and Wounds on Teeth

The ability to control bleeding is critical for the success of any oral surgery. Uncontrolled bleeding can impair visibility in the working area, endanger the patient, and prevent the procedure from being completed. DSI Hemostatic Gel is a 25% aluminum chloride solution that provides consistent and rapid hemostasis. Aluminum chloride is a highly effective hemostatic agent that works through a chemical reaction with blood and thus does not rely on the body's hemostatic system to work. Its acidic nature causes a reaction with blood proteins, forming a barrier that prevents blood from flowing out of vessels. The barrier also prevents aluminum chloride from entering the vessels, thereby preventing systemic side effects.DSI Hemostatic Gel, a tissue-type formula, stops minor bleeding in a variety of clinical applications. The gel has no effect on the surrounding tissue. Unlike ferric sulphate, the solution rinses completely and leaves no hemostatic residue or stains on tissue or teeth.

The syringe with pre-bent tips ensures easy and precise application.

Even in patients with abnormal body hemostatic systems, DSI Hemostatic Gel provides excellent hemostasis. Because it is an extremely effective hemostatic agent, DSI Hemostatic Gel is not limited to dental use and can be used to treat minor cuts or wounds. To control bleeding during the cord placement process, saturate the retraction cord with DSI Hemostatic Gel. DSI Hemostatic Gel makes it simple to keep an operating area clean and dry.

Product SKU's

Product Code
DSI Hemostatic Blue, liquid 15ml HSTAT
DSI Hemostatic Clear, liquid 15ml HSTAT-C
DSI Hemostatic Gel, 3ml Syringe + 5 tips HSTAT-G
DSI Hemostatic Powder, 7g HSTAT-S


DSI Hemostatic Gel, with its tissue-kind formula, stops minor bleeding without irritating surrounding tissues, rinsing off completely without leaving residue or stains.


  • Effectively and quickly stops minor bleeding
  • Contains no epinephrine to help avoid cardiac reactions
  • Spreadable non-drip formula
  • No secondary bleeding
  • Easy and precise placement
  • Easy to rinse off
  • Leaves no stains
  • Suitable for cord saturation for more efficient gingival retraction


Powder (flask), 7 g

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