DSI Hemostatic Powder - Sodium Alginate in Hemostasis

Rapid and effective hemostasis is critical for safe, predictable, and successful surgery. Dental professionals perform a variety of surgical procedures that necessitate the use of a hemostatic agent to control bleeding and protect the wound. DSI created a biocompatible, highly efficient, yet cost-effective hemostatic material in the form of a topical powder. DSI Hemostatic Powder is made up of sodium alginate and an antiseptic agent (0.1% iodoform). Sodium alginate is a naturally occurring polysaccharide with a variety of distinct physicochemical properties. This polymer, which is non-toxic, biodegradable, biocompatible, and safe for the body, has numerous biomedical applications, including tissue engineering. Because of the presence of sodium alginate, DSI Hemostatic Powder has a high water absorption and gelation capacity. When the material comes into contact with blood, it forms a hydrogel with improved mucosal adhesion. The swelling capacity aids in the adhesion of DSI Hemostatic Powder to the wound and provides a moist environment that promotes healing and tissue restoration.

Iodoform, known for its powerful antiseptic and disinfectant properties, is added to DSI Hemostatic Powder to boost antibacterial action and promote faster healing. The DSI Hemostatic Powder's convenient bottle ensures its ease of use and precise application. The material is a simple, safe, and effective bleeding control solution.

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Product Code
DSI Hemostatic Blue, liquid 15ml HSTAT
DSI Hemostatic Clear, liquid 15ml HSTAT-C
DSI Hemostatic Gel, 3ml Syringe + 5 tips HSTAT-G
DSI Hemostatic Powder, 7g HSTAT-S



  • DSI Hemostatic Powder, with sodium alginate, exhibits strong water absorptivity and gelation ability, forming a hydrogel upon contact with blood.


  • Superb efficacy
  • Great healing performance
  • Based on natural biopolymer
  • Safe, biocompatible, non-toxic
  • Does not accumulate in the body
  • Easy to store with long shelf life


  1. Powder (flask), 7 g

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