DSI Hemostatic Liquid- Aluminum Chloride for Safe and Discoloration-Free Hemostatic Action

Hemorrhage control and wound protection are critical steps in any surgery, including oral and maxillofacial surgery. Excessive bleeding can cause a number of complications, reduce visibility in the operating room, jeopardize patient safety, and prevent the procedure from being completed. DSI Hemostatic Liquid provides a quick and effective solution, making bleeding management less stressful and difficult. DSI Hemostatic Liquid is a 25% Aluminum Chloride Solution that does not contain epinephrine. Aluminum Chloride's powerful hemostatic action is produced by a chemical reaction with blood proteins, resulting in a barrier of coagulated proteins that serves as a mechanical barrier to bleeding. This barrier, in turn, prevents aluminum chloride from entering the vessels, preventing potential systemic side effects. DSI Hemostatic Liquid stops minor bleeding quickly while not irritating soft tissue or interfering with bonding. Aluminum chloride, unlike many common hemostatic agents, does not cause discoloration, so the solution can be used confidently in the "esthetic zone." To increase clinical versatility, DSI Hemostatic Liquid is available in two color variants: clear and blue. The light blue color enhances visualization of the placement area.

Product SKU's

Product Code
DSI Hemostatic Blue, liquid 15ml HSTAT
DSI Hemostatic Clear, liquid 15ml HSTAT-C
DSI Hemostatic Gel, 3ml Syringe + 5 tips HSTAT-G
DSI Hemostatic Powder, 7g HSTAT-S



DSI Hemostatic Liquid quickly stops minor bleeding without irritating soft tissue or interfering with bonding, ensuring efficient and comfortable hemostasis.


  • Hemostasis that is quick, effective, and predictable
  • Reduces the possibility of secondary bleeding.
  • Ensures a clean and dry working environment
  • It has no effect on bonding.
  • The formula is non-staining.
  • To help avoid cardiac reactions, it does not contain epinephrine.


  1. Hemostatic liquid 15 ml
  2. Cap dropper 1 pcs

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