DSI Nerf-x- Painless Pulp Devitalization

DSI Nerf-x is an arsenic-free paste that is intended for pulp devitalization followed by mortal extirpation. Pulpal inflammation is a common but difficult endodontic condition. DSI Nerf-x works quickly and provides safe and painless pulp devitalization and mummification. Paraformaldehyde, a coagulant and strong disinfectant, is the active ingredient. DSI Nerf-x effectively relieves pain and soothes irritation due to the presence of lidocaine. The convenient syringe and paste presentation make DSI Nerf-x simple to use. DSI Nerf-x is a highly effective devitalizing agent.

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DSI Nerf-X Paste, syringe 3g NERF-X



Designed to address the challenging endodontic condition of pulpal inflammation, DSI Nerf-x offers a targeted solution for effective treatment.


  • Devitalization of pulp that is effective, quick, and painless
  • Arsenic-free
  • Long-lasting impact
  • After 3-4 days, the pulp has been completely devitalized.
  • Dental and pedodontic applications
  • It does not discolor the teeth.
  • Allows for indirect application (without coming into direct contact with the pulp).

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