DSI Dental Diamond Polishing Paste For Restorations


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Coarse Grit 4g syringe
Coarse Grit 4g syringe
$24.90/ea $0.00
Fine Grit 4g syringe
Fine Grit 4g syringe
$24.90/ea $0.00
Set of 2 syringes 4g each (Coarse+Fine)
Set of 2 syringes 4g each (Coarse+Fine)
$39.90/ea $0.00

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Indications -
Polishing Dental Restorations such as:

  • Crowns
  • Bridges
  • Veneers
  • Composite fillings
  • Porcelain restorations
  • Removing surface imperfections
  • For polishing removable prosthetic appliances, such as dentures and partial dentures

Features & Benefits:

  • Contains synthetic extra-fine diamond abrasive particles, averaging 3 microns for effective surface refinement
  • Available in two grit sizes, ranging from coarse to fine, to accommodate different polishing needs and restoration materials
  • Designed for easy application using dental polishing cups or brush attachments on handpieces, ensuring precise and controlled polishing
  • Compatible with a wide range of dental materials, including ceramics, composites, metals, and prosthetic appliances
  • Safe and non-toxic
  • Provides consistent and predictable results, achieving uniform surface polishing and a high-gloss finish
  • Suitable for various dental procedures, including polishing restorations, adjusting occlusion, and finishing prosthetic appliances
  • Achieves a smooth, glossy surface finish on dental restorations, enhancing their aesthetics and natural appearance
  • Creates polished surfaces that are comfortable for patients, reducing the risk of soft tissue irritation or discomfort
  • Represents a cost-effective solution for achieving polished dental restorations and appliances, maximizing value for dental practices and laboratories
Package contents:
  • 1 syringe with a selection of grit or a set of both syringes (both grits)

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