DSI UniLite Block-Out Resin- Blocking Out Undercuts on Teeth Impressions

The DSI UniLite Block-Out Resin is ideal for forming reservoir space for whitening trays. The high-quality material can also be used for a variety of lab procedures, such as filling small voids, fractures, or chips in prepared models and blocking out undercuts on teeth impressions. DSI UniLite Block-Out Resin is a pigmented, low viscosity, light-cured material delivered in a syringe for easy dispensing and precise placement. The blue pigment provides excellent visibility. Because of its unique formula, DSI UniLite Block-Out Resin remains cool during light cure, ensuring patient comfort and safety and preventing tissue damage.


  • DSI UniLite Block-Out Resin is designed for efficiently creating reservoir space in whitening trays, ensuring optimal contact with dental surfaces.


  • It has a reservoir for bleaching trays.
  • Excellent for blocking out models.
  • Fills voids and chips in ready-made models.
  • The ideal viscosity
  • Blue pigment for improved visibility
  • It comes in a syringe for precise application.



  1. UniLite Block 2g Syringe – 5 pcs
  2. Applicator tips – 10pcs

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