Utilizing Liquid Dam for Rubber Dam Placement

Most dentists encounter "liquid dam" for the first time when performing in-office whitening. Because the chemical agents used in bleaching can cause gingival irritation, it is critical to create a barrier against gingival exposure. This is where the DSI UniLite Dam comes into play. DSI UniLite Dam is a viscous, light-cured material used to isolate teeth and gums while protecting soft tissues and increasing patient comfort. Isolating the gingiva and adjacent teeth also aids in the targeting of a specific dental area during treatment. The use of DSI UniLite Dam is similar to the use of flowable resin. It should be applied directly to the affected area and cured. However, unlike flowable resin, the DSI UniLite Dam remains soft and flexible after the procedure and is easily removed.

DSI UniLite Dam is a versatile material that can be used for a variety of purposes other than bleaching or whitening:

  • DSI UniLite Dam is very effective in sealing off any areas that may have seepage during rubber dam installation.
  • The DSI UniLite Dam is an excellent tool for protecting gingival tissue while cleaning off reparations with air abrasion or a microetcher. The dentist simply places it, cures it, microetches the preparation, rinses it, and removes the liquid dam.
  • It can help stabilize a matrix band or the restorative material where the dentist wants it to be during restorative material placement.
  • Porcelain repairs will necessitate some preparation of the fractured porcelain, which may include the use of porcelain etch.


  • DSI UniLite Dam is a light-cured material designed to create a protective barrier against gingival exposure during in-office whitening, preventing gingival irritation from bleaching agents.


  • Offers a dependable impervious seal
  • Gingival tissue is protected.
  • Deep blue color for clear visibility in the oral field
  • Complete isolation to aid in the targeting of a specific area during treatment
  • Simple peel-away removal
  • Allows for more efficient procedures
  • Patient experience less stress and discomfort.
  • It comes in a syringe for easy and precise application.


  • 5 x Syringe 2.0g, 10 tips

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