DSI Calcium-HX- Direct/Indirect Pulp Capping

DSI Calcium-HX is a versatile and multipurpose dental material. The powder contains radiopaque additives as well as highly dispersed extra pure calcium hydroxide. Because of its radiopacity, DSI Calcium-HX aids in the monitoring of treatment progress. To make an easy-to-work-with paste, combine the powder with deionized water or saline. Root canal procedures, caries treatment, direct/indirect pulp capping, and use as a base or liner under dental restorations are all possible with DSI Calcium-HX. The ability of Calcium Hydroxide Powder to stimulate the growth of the apical barrier is the main advantage of using it in apexification procedures. An apical barrier is a mineralized tissue layer that seals the end of the root canal and keeps bacteria and other microorganisms from reentering the root canal system after treatment. The alkaline pH of calcium hydroxide promotes the formation of new hard tissue. DSI Calcium-HX is also antimicrobial, making it an excellent choice for reducing the risk of further infection and promoting healing.


  • Calcium-HX is especially beneficial in the following situations:
  • Cavity liner for deep caries; promotes secondary dentine sedimentation.
  • Lining material for permanent fillings in the medical field.
  • Intra-canal antiseptic bandage for the time being.
  • The regeneration of injured or inflamed pulp in various types of pulpitis (injured, sharp, chronic fibrosis).
  • Thermal protection.



  • Mixes into a paste
  • Antimicrobial action
  • Alkaline pH
  • Promotes formation of apical barrier
  • Radiopaque

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