DSI CalPaste LC Light-cured Calcium Hydroxide Base Liner


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2g syringe
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2x2g double pack
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Purpose: CalPaste LC is a light cure, fluoride releasing, radiopaque cavity liner and base material specially formulated for use with adhesives, composites and with other conventional restorative materials.

Attributes: Fluorine release, Light-curing properties, Radiopaque qualities, Formulated for use with adhesives, composites, and traditional restorative treatments, Chemical and micromechanical bonding to dentin, Ready-to-use, time-saving single-component material in a preloaded syringe

Composition: Paste in syringe White color, Odorless

Country of Origin: Israel

  • Pulp protection at indirect pulp capping, Cavity liner for all filling materials, Sealing material, Acid protection during the total-etch process.
Package contents:
  • CALPASTELC-2G Syringe 1.5ml (2.0g),
  • CALPASTELC-4G 2x Syringe 1.5ml – (4.0g), 5 tips

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