DSI Iodoform Powder- Properties, Uses and Benefits

Because of its beneficial properties, DSI iodoform powder is useful for a variety of applications in dentistry, including endodontic procedures, surgeries, and cavity filling. The powder is a powerful antiseptic that is easy to mix and manipulate. Depending on the intended use and the dentist's personal preferences, iodoform is frequently mixed with other materials. The goal of mixing iodoform with different materials is typically to improve the handling characteristics of the paste, enhance its antiseptic properties, or provide additional benefits to the affected tooth and surrounding tissues, such as anesthetic or healing qualities. Iodine is released when iodoform decomposes, which accounts for the antimicrobial activity of DSI iodoform powder. Iodine disrupts the metabolic processes of microorganisms, eliminating infection and preventing its spread.


Periodontal infections prevention.

• Disinfection dressing (especially at post extraction sockets).

• Treatment of the maxillary cavities infections


Powerful antimicrobial agent
Antiseptic and healing properties
Long-lasting action
Easy to mix with other materials

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