T-Bond Eugenol-free Cement for Sensitive Patients

T-Bond is a zinc-based temporary cement containing eugenol that provides consistent bonding strength while also promoting patient comfort during restorative treatments. T-Bond has the ability to form strong and long-lasting bonds with a variety of dental materials, including ceramics, metals, and composite resins. Because of this, it is an excellent choice not only for routine restorations but also for more complex procedures such as implant-supported prosthetics. T-Bond also has a low solubility rate, which means it does not dissolve easily when exposed to oral fluids or saliva. As a result, T-Bond-secured restorations tend to last longer than those secured with other types of adhesives. T-Bond is simple to work with and has a thin film thickness, allowing for precise restoration seating. T-Bond also has antimicrobial and anti-inflammatory properties due to the eugenol component in its formulation. The material relieves pain and soothes sensitive teeth. Despite its high retention and durability, it is surprisingly easy to remove when necessary, with no trauma, damage, or alteration to the prepared surface for final cementation. This not only saves time, but also reduces patient discomfort and promotes better long-term oral health outcomes. 

T-Bond is an ideal material for getting work done efficiently without sacrificing comfort or quality due to its ability to provide a strong seal while still being gentle on tooth structures and tissues - plus the added benefit of being easily removable. DSI developed T-Bond NE - eugenol-free cement to address the issue of potential adverse reactions and irritation caused by eugenol in patients who are sensitive or allergic to eugenol. This formulation retains the desirable properties of traditional T-Bond without the risk of eugenol-related side effects.


  1. Strong adhesion and durability, but easy removal when needed without causing damage or altering the prepared surface
  2. Low film thickness for an excellent fit
  3. The "paste-paste" system's simple mixing procedure makes it simple to achieve optimal consistency for reliable and long-lasting restoration luting.
  4. Solubility is low.
  5. The absence of cement washout, marginal leakage, or bacterial infiltration is eliminated by excellent adhesion.
  6. Excess cement can be easily removed from the edges.
  7. On sensitive teeth, it has a sedative effect.
  8. Antibacterial properties
  9. The best value/amount ratio in the industry - 110g of ready material in every package
  10. There is also a eugenol-free version available.

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T-Bond Cement T-BOND


  • Temporary restoration cementation
  • Permanent restorations are temporarily luting.
  • Permanent restoration cementation trials


  • Zinc-Based Temporary Cement with Eugenol
  • Versatile Bonding Strength
  • Low Solubility Rate
  • Easy to Work With and Thin Film Thickness
  • Antimicrobial and Anti-inflammatory Properties
  • Easy Removal with No Damage
  • Efficient Seal
  • Eugenol-Free Option

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  • 85g Base + 25g Catalyst Tubes
  • Mixing accessories

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