Sinus Lift Surgery- Mastering the DSI TOLA2 Kit Procedure and Drilling

The DSI Sinus Lift Lateral Approach Kit TOLA2 was meticulously designed to safely and quickly lift the sinus membrane. From start to finish, the kit includes all of the instruments required for a simple lateral sinus lift. The DSI TOLA2 Kit reduces chair time, patient discomfort, and financial burden. When implants are to be placed in the dorsal parts of the maxilla, pneumatisation of the maxillary sinus and poor alveolar bone quality are common clinical problems. One of the most common augmentation procedures is the lateral sinus lift. The DSI TOLA2 Kit enables a simplified, minimally traumatic, gradual sinus lift procedure with a significantly lower risk of unintentional membrane perforation. To prevent over-drilling and soft tissue damage, the stopper system gives the surgeon complete control over drill depth. The stops are simple to remove or install. The drills have a one-of-a-kind tip design that was created specifically for the phases of the lateral approach surgical protocol. The drills are intended to make and widen lateral windows. The DSI TOLA2 Kit enables a low-risk, safe, and predictable sinus lift procedure with a high clinical success rate.


  • Designed for implants in dorsal parts of the maxilla addressing sinus issues.


  • The lateral sinus lift procedure has been improved in terms of safety and predictability.
  • Stopper system for maximum protection
  • Perforation risk was reduced.
  • The drills have excellent cutting ability.
  • Reduced chair time, patient discomfort, and the possibility of complications
  • All necessary instruments are included.

Procedure and Drilling Protocol a Video Guide


  1. 4x Sinus Curettes
  2. 5x Drill Stoppers
  3. 2x "LASC" Lateral approach side cutters
  4. 2x "LACD" Lateral approach core drill
  5. 2x "LASD" Lateral approach sinus drill Used to open lateral window at the site if you have no access to use the core drill
  6. 2x "LASR" Lateral approach sinus reamer The special shape allows safe perforation of the alveolar bone and drastically minimizes the potential damage to the sinus membrane.

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