Minimizing Peri-Implantitis Risk with the DSI One-Piece Compressive Implant

The design of an implant is critical to a restoration's long-term success. The DSI One-piece Compressive Implant was meticulously designed to overcome the limitations of two-piece implants and address difficult maxillary ridge and other angled bone situations. The DSI One-piece Compressive Implant has a bendable neck and special compressive threads that provide a high level of bone-to-implant contact throughout the body. Its mechanical properties make it ideal for multiple unit restorations in both the maxilla and mandible where there is sufficient bone quantity and quality to allow immediate loading.  The DSI One-piece Compressive Implant lowers costs, eliminates the implant-abutment gap, reduces the risk of peri-implantitis, ensures less pain and stress for the patient, and provides an easy-to-use insertion protocol by allowing a single-stage surgical procedure.

According to ASTM-F136-02, all DSI implants are made of high-strength, biocompatible titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V ELI. The roughened surface of the RBM provides improved retention, a larger area for osseointegration, and greater implant-to-bone contact.

Product SKU's

Product Code
One-piece Compressive Monoblock Implant MCB#
One-piece Driver (fits on abutment) RDOP
One-piece Long Driver RDOPL
MC Analog ANOP
Snap-on Plastic Transfer TROP



  • Provides a larger area for osseointegration and greater implant-to-bone contact.


  • Titanium alloy that is biocompatible and resistant to fracture
  • Angulation to fix unparallel placement, bendable implant neck
  • Primary stability is exceptional.
  • Threads with a high compressive strength
  • Useful in both the upper and lower jaws.
  • Loading immediately
  • Simple insertion protocol that is simple to use
  • Procedure with a single stage

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