DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets- Splints, Aligners, and Retainers

DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets are essential in any dental office or laboratory. DSI provides a variety of thermoforming plastics in a variety of thicknesses. The versatility aids in the fabrication of custom orthodontic appliances to meet the most complex needs of dental professionals and patients. The soft, clear material is ideal for bleaching and fluoride trays, as well as model duplication and case transferring. After orthodontic treatment or surgery, it is critical to stabilize tooth position in order to maintain the achieved result and avoid relapse. The clear rigid material is intended for use in the manufacture of splints, aligners, retainers, nightguards, and bruxism appliances. To better suit nighttime bruxing cases, DSI Twin Thermoforming Sheets combine hard and soft materials in a single plate. The soft side is intended to provide patient comfort, while the hard surface effectively withstands mastication forces and ensures long-term wear. DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets are a high-quality, latex-free, and BPA-free material that is simple to cut. The material is clear and long-lasting, and it resists cracking, breaking, and bending out of shape. DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets are designed and manufactured to meet all thermoforming material requirements.

Product SKU's

Product Pcs Code
Hard Plates 0.75mm / .03" 20 VT-07H
Hard Plates 1.0mm / .04" 10 VT-10H
Hard Plates 1.0mm / .04" 20 VFP040
Hard Plates 1.5mm / .06" 10 VT-15H
Hard Plates 2.0mm / .08" 10 VT-20H
Soft Plates 1.0mm / .04" 10 WP040-S
Soft Plates 1.0mm / .04" 20 VT-10S
Soft Plates 1.5mm / .06" 10 VT-15S
Soft Plates 2.0mm / .08" 10 WP080
Soft Plates 3.0mm / .12" 7 VT-30S
Twin Thermoforming Sheets 10 KP-30SH



DSI Vacuum Forming Sheets are designed and manufactured to cover all the requirements for thermoforming materials, providing comprehensive solutions for dental professionals.


  • There are several thickness options available.
  • Transparent and clear
  • Simple to shape and trim
  • Consistently accurate outcome
  • Durable
  • It is resistant to bubbling, cracking, and breaking.
  • Resists mastication force
  • Metal insulation foil packaging is vacuum sealed for a longer shelf life.
  • Free of latex and BPA

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