DSI ApexCream- Smooth & Effective Root Canal Preparation

Efficient chemomechanical root canal preparation is critical for successful endodontic treatment. effectively supports root canal system instrumentation to ensure thorough canal debridement.DSI ApexCream is a colorless, low-viscosity root canal preparation cream based on EDTA that acts as a chelating agent and lubricant. The proprietary formulation softens canal walls, dissolves calcifications, aids in smear layer removal, and opens dentinal tubules. DSI ApexCream also aids in the removal of debris generated during instrumentation. The lubricating effect of DSI ApexCream helps to facilitate instrument movement and reduces the risk of binding or breakage. DSI ApexCream is available in a jar or a syringe.

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DSI ApexCream, 2 x 6g Syringe, 10 tips ACREAM2
DSI ApexCream, Jar 20g ACREAM20



  1. Root canal debris removal.
  2. Smear layer elimination.
  3. Dissolution of pulp remnants.
  4. Canal walls lubrication to facilitate movements of canal instruments.
  5. Microbicidal root canal treatment.
  6. Clearance of dentin tubules and apical area


  • Improves root canal cleaning.
  • Calcifications are softened and the smear layer is removed.
  • Aids in the removal of debris
  • Simple to insert into root canals
  • Serves as a lubricant
  • Allows for more efficient instrumentation.

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