DSI DSpace- Creating Perfectly Fitting Teeth Restorations

The most accurate and widely used method for creating space between the intaglio surface of crowns and the tooth preparation is to use paint-on die spacer. Obtaining casting relief is critical to ensuring complete seating of a restoration.

DSI DSpace ensures better casting seating and allows excess cement to escape by relieving hydraulic pressure between the cement and restoration. Using DSI DSpace also improves the marginal fit and eliminates the risk of premature occlusal and proximal contacts. Inadequate seating may result in cement dissolution, recurring caries, and periodontal issues. DSI DSpace represents a high level of dependability and uncompromising quality to meet all of the dental clinicians' needs. As a result, with each application, it produces uniform layers of defined thickness.

DSI DSpace's outstanding physical properties allow it to withstand scratching, chipping, and flaking off when steamed, resulting in a smooth surface. DSI DSpace enables precise, easy-to-control application. Furthermore, it dries quickly, saving time. DSI DSpace performs admirably, allowing for perfectly fitting restorations.


  1. Before using, shake the flask. The varnish Die Spacer is then applied to the gypsum model's surface. The gypsum model with the applied varnish should be dried in hot air flow to reduce the film-forming time. A second layer of varnish is applied if necessary.
  2. Apply the isolating liquid to the compensating varnish layer to make it easier to remove the wax model.
  3. To increase the viscosity of the varnish, add a few drops of the solvent and shake the flask.

Product SKU's

Product Code
DSpace (7 μ), Silver 25ml DSPACE-S
DSpace (10 μ), Gold 25ml DSPACE-G
DSpace (12 μ), Red 25ml DSPACE-R
DSpace (15 μ), Blue 25ml DSPACE-B
DSpace Thinner, 25ml DS-THIN


  • DSI DSpace ensures better casting seating, allowing excess cement to escape and relieving hydraulic pressure between the cement and restoration.


  • Thickness that is uniform and precise
  • It is resistant to scratching, cracking, and flaking.
  • Color with a high contrast
  • It dries quickly.
  • Application under control

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