DSI ApexCream EDTA Cream 18% Smear Chelating Agent For Root Canal


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Jar 20g
Jar 20g
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2 Syringes 6g each
2 Syringes 6g each
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  • Root canal debris removal
  • Smear layer elimination
  • Dissolution of pulp remnants
  • Canal wall lubrication to facilitate movements of canal instruments
  • Microbicidal root canal treatment
  • Clearance of dentin tubules and apical area

Features & Benefits:

  • Advanced formulation of urea peroxide and disodium edetate for comprehensive root canal cleaning
  • Optimal viscosity for easy application
  • Includes surfactants to facilitate smooth insertion into the root canal, enhancing procedural efficiency
  • Available in both jars and prefilled syringes for convenience and flexibility in usage
  • Effectively eliminates the smear layer
  • Expands the root canal, improving accessibility and creating space for thorough cleaning and shaping
  • Chelates dentin to remove mineral deposits and debris, ensuring a clean and debris-free canal
  • Targets and eliminates calcified blockages, restoring proper canal function and flow
  • Simplifies root canal cleaning and preparation, reducing procedural complexities
  • Facilitates mechanical drainage, optimizing procedural efficiency and reducing treatment time
  • Produces clean and smooth canal walls, creating an ideal foundation for successful endodontic treatment
Package contents:
  • 20g jar or 2 x syringes of 6g each for selection

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