DSI UniCrown LC- The Solution for Temporary Restorations

DSI UniCrown LC is a light-curing composite resin with a single component that is ideal for temporary inlays, onlays, crowns, and bridges. DSI UniCrown LC's carefully developed formula ensures its ideal consistency and excellent handling, making the material easy to shape and contour. You can avoid messy mixing with this single-component resin. DSI UniCrown LC provides ample working time. The material significantly simplifies temporary restoration fabrication, saving time and money while also improving patient esthetics. You will enjoy faster, more cost-effective, and straightforward procedures with DSI UniCrown LC! 

For storage, store in a cool and dark place away from high temperature and direct sunlight or intense ambient light. Do not use after expiry date. In case of contact with eyes, flush immediately with water and refer to a physician. Do not use or store near fire. Take care not to swallow the paste. Do not mix with other materials. When using a light curing unit, wear eye protection glasses. Do not look directly into the light.

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Product SKU's and Shades

UniCrown LC A2 15g A2 UCROWN-A2
UniCrown LC A3 15g A3 UCROWN-A3



  • Curing with light
  • Quick and inexpensive
  • The best consistency
  • Handling made simple
  • Procedure reduction
  • There is no commotion.
  • There is no need for mixing.

A Video Guide Process Using DSI UniCrown LC


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