DSI Interproximal Reduction Burs - No-stress IPR

Inspired by the need for a faster and safer IPR, DSI developed IPR burs, enabling the dentists to obtain effective results without anxiety and stress. DSI IPR burs are novel IPR diamond ultra-thin burs of 0.45 and 0.35 millimeters.

A superior alternative to IPR strips/discs: Interproximal reduction (IPR) burs provide rapid and precise reduction that is comfortable for the patient.

They are faster and easier to use, without causing any gag reflex. The reduction can be delivered with minimal amounts ranging from 0.2mm to 0.5mm. The two most common techniques employed with these burs are the gingival to incisal approach and the traditional buccal to lingual method. Apart from these, IPR burs can also be a useful tool for contouring preps for proper crown seating and for faster and easier veneer works. The special diamond coating of these burs prevents micro-fractures in tooth enamel. The thin burs allow for accurate tooth slenderization and contouring, providing the desired results in the quickest possible manner. Careful handling of these precision burs is paramount. Can be used directly or with widening wedges.


  • Highest degree of precision
  • Excellent quality
  • Saves chair-time
  • For safe and painless IPR
  • Easily controlled

To better understand the technique, watch the instructional video:

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