DSI 3D Gingiva Flexible Resin

DSI 3D Gingiva is a biocompatible, semi-transparent gum color material that is ideal for printing gingival masks for modeling purposes. DSI 3D Gingiva has a high hardness and tensile strength. The material is resistant to tear and deformations because it is tough and stable to mechanical stress. DSI 3D Gingiva has high elasticity for accurate simulation of patients' gums, allowing for precise adjustments of implant superstructures, crowns, and bridges. DSI 3D Gingiva is a flexible but strong resin that allows for a perfect fit of dental prostheses as well as a successful esthetic outcome.


  • Resistant to tear and deformations, providing stability under mechanical stress.
  • Suitable for printing gingival masks in modeling.


  • Extremely adaptable
  • Extreme hardness and strength
  • Tear and deformation resistance
  • Color of semi-transparent gum
  • Excellent pliability
  • Dimensional stability is excellent.
  • Biocompatible and safe
  • There is no unpleasant odor.


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