Simplifying Bone Augmentation with the DSI Zenoss Ring

The global number of edentulous patients is increasing, and client expectations are shifting. Patients expect both aesthetics and comfort, as well as safe, effective, and quick treatment with the least amount of discomfort and pain. We at DSI value your clients' needs and time by constantly developing innovative solutions to improve functional and esthetic outcomes and improve patients' quality of life. The DSI Zenoss Ring significantly reduces overall treatment time and complexity by allowing bone augmentation and immediate implant placement in a single visit. The DSI Zenoss Ring is a sterilized bovine graft cut into the shape of a ring. The grafting material makes the bone augmentation procedure more reliable, successful, and predictable. Using the DSI Zenoss Ring results in higher patient satisfaction because it saves the client from having to undergo another surgery for bone harvesting, as well as all of the risks associated with it, such as morbidity, pain, and infection risks.

When compared to the traditional bone block technique, using the DSI Zenoss Ring benefits both the surgeon and the patient because it simplifies the procedure and reduces chair time and treatment costs. The DSI Zenoss Ring allows for vertical and horizontal augmentation and can be used for almost any indication, including sinus lift. The DSI Zenoss Ring assists in achieving long-term esthetic results with confidence and predictability.


  • DSI Zenoss Ring significantly reduces overall treatment time and complexity.


  • Vertical bone augmentation
  • Single tooth gap
  • Large post-extraction sites with three/four-wall defects
  • Highly-aesthetic maxillary anterior zone
  • Sinus grafting


Surgical procedure in a single stage
Bone augmentation that is predictable
Implant placement and bone augmentation in the same procedure
Initial implant stability has been improved.
Effective in sinus floor elevations and successful in ridge defects
There is no need to harvest bone, which eliminates the possibility of complications.
Significant reduction in overall treatment time


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