Prevest DenPro Reveal Dental Caries Indicator Dye Green 5ml


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Prevest DenPro Reveal Dental Caries Indicator Dye Green 5ml
Prevest DenPro Reveal Dental Caries Indicator Dye Green 5ml
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  • Early decay detection - Identifying initial stages of tooth decay that may not be perceptible to the naked eye.
  • Locating concealed cavities - Particularly useful for detecting cavities in challenging-to-access areas like the fissures and pits of molars.
  • Assessing enamel integrity - Evaluating tooth surface health and pinpointing zones of enamel demineralization.
  • Decay progression monitoring - Tracking decay advancement over time through periodic dye application during dental check-ups.
  • Augmenting diagnostic precision - Serving as a supplementary diagnostic tool alongside visual examination and radiography.

Features & Benefits:

  • Highlights demineralized enamel areas, facilitating clearer decay detection during examinations
  • Simple application process
  • Targets decayed regions exclusively, without staining healthy tooth structures, ensuring precise identification of affected areas
  • Non-invasive procedure
  • Versatile application on various tooth surfaces, including occlusal, buccal, lingual, and interproximal surfaces
  • Enables early decay detection, leading to improved diagnostic accuracy
  • Supports preventive dental care efforts
  • Cost-effective solution
  • Enhances patient satisfaction through comprehensive and proactive dental care
Package contents:
  • 1x Reveal Caries Indicator 5ml

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