DSI Semi-Permament Implant Cement For Crowns 8.6g Automix Syringe


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1x Syringe (8.6g)
1x Syringe (8.6g)
$49.90/ea $0.00
2x Syringes (17.2g)
2x Syringes (17.2g)
$99.90/ea $0.00
3x Syringes (25.8g)
3x Syringes (25.8g)
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  • Long-lasting retention for crowns supported by dental implants
  • Used for temporarily securing provisional restorations in place, offering enhanced retention
  • Allows for safe removal of crowns without damage, facilitating retreatment or adjustments as necessary

Features & Benefits:

  • Ensures the safe and gentle removal of implant restorations without causing any damage to the restoration or surrounding tissues, preserving the integrity of the restoration
  • Provides an ultra-thin layer of cement, minimizing interference with occlusion and ensuring a precise fit of the restoration. 
  • Offers the flexibility of both light-curing and self-curing options, allowing for rapid polymerization and easy removal of excess cement
  • Ensures versatility and compatibility with various prosthetic materials, including ceramics, metals, and composites
  • Provides a versatile solution for both temporary and permanent restorations, offering long-term stability for implant-supported crowns and temporary restorations
  • Forms a secure and stable bond between the restoration and the implant abutment, with interlocking properties that resist dislodgement during mastication
  • Provides ample working time for precise placement and adjustment of the restoration before curing
  • Offers reduced resistance to displacement, allowing for easier seating of the restoration and minimizing the risk of occlusal deviation
  • Effortless removal of any residual cement after placement, ensuring a clean and aesthetic outcome
  • Antibacterial properties to promote oral health and prevent infection.
  • Additionally, being eugenol-free, odorless, and tasteless enhances patient comfort and satisfaction during and after the cementation procedure

Technical Information:

  • Working time: approximately 80 sec
  • Gel phase: 2-3 min. (for removal of excess material during placement)
  • Setting time in the mouth: 5-6 minutes
  • Setting time with light-curing: approximately 20 sec
  • Film thickness: < 10 µm
  • Compression strength: 100 MPa

Package includes 3 options for selection

  • 1x Syringe of 8.6g + 10 tips
  • 2x Syringes, each of 8.6g total of 17.2g + 10 tips
  • 3x Syringes, each of 8.6g total of 25.8g + 15 tips

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