DSI ImplantCem Non-Eugenol Semi-permament Cement for Implant Retained Crowns 9g


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single 8.6g + 10 tips
single 8.6g + 10 tips
$36.00/ea $0.00
double syringe (17.2g) + 10 tips
double syringe (17.2g) + 10 tips
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Economy 3/pk (25.8g) + 15 tips
Economy 3/pk (25.8g) + 15 tips
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Mixed Volume: 5ml / 9g

Mixing Ratio: 4:1

Shades: Base: white-opaque, Catalyst: semi-transparent. Mixed shade: A2-A3

Mixing time: None (Automix)

Working time: 80sec.

Gel-phase: 2-3min (removal of excess material during the placement)

Setting time in mouth: 5-6min

Setting time - light-cured: 20sec. per surface, 40sec. through translucent materials

Film thickness: <10µm

Compression strength: 100 MPa

Application temperature: At 23°C ± 2°C / 73°F ± 4°F, 50 ± 5% rel. Humidity.

Storage: below 25°C / 77°F

Keep refrigerated for maximum shelf life.

More information at IFU

Country of Origin: Israel

  • UDMA
  • Bis-GMA
  • Barium Glass
  • Specifically designed for implant-retained crowns. Ideal for temporary cementation of provisional restorations with a need for long-term or increased retention. Offers superb retention and sealing properties compared to other materials. Utilizes an elastomeric resin composition for enhanced performance. Provides mechanical retention, ensuring safe crown removal for retreatment or adjustments. Composed of a tough elastomeric resin that withstands daily occlusal stresses. Absorbs shock and flexes under masticatory forces. Resistant to deterioration, ensuring lasting results for implant-retained restorations.
Package contents:
  • Syringe (8.6g) x1/2/3 + mixing tips

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