DSI Surgical Guided Stopper Drills With Guide Sleeve


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  • Diameter / Length
  • 2.0mm
  • 2.8mm
  • 3.2mm
  • 3.65mm
  • 6.0mm
  • 8.0mm
  • 10.0mm
  • 11.5mm
  • 13.0mm
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Used for:

  • Oral surgery
  • Sinus lifting procedures
  • Bone perforation
  • Implant socket preparation (two-stage, or immediate loading)
  • Used with a guided sleeve in a custom-made surgical guide

Product features:

  • Made of high-quality stainless steel
  • Compatible with flapless surgery
  • Almost no deviations between the achieved implant position and the planned one
  • Prevents over-drilling
  • Compatible with most implant systems
  • Minimum Drill/Bone heat generation, low vibrancy, controlled and precise work with confidence
  • Autoclavable and reusable both drills and guides

Technical Information:

  • Material: Stainless Steel (both the drills and the sleeve)
  • Drill Working/Cutting part Diameter: 2.0, 2.8, 3.2, 3.65mm
  • Drill Working/Cutting part length: 6.0, 8.0, 10.0, 11.5, 13.0mm
  • Sleeve size: Ø5.1mm Length 5.9mm
  • Fully compatible with all the major implant systems - DSI®, MIS®, Alpha Bio®, AB Dental®, BioHorizons®, Zimmer®, Implant Direct®, Cortex®, Alpha Gate®, Adin®, Paltop®,Ditron Dental®, Surgikor®, JdentalCare®
  • Autoclavable and reusable (both drills and sleeves)

Country of origin: Israel

  • Stainless Steel
Package contents:
  • 1 Drill + 1 Surgical Guide Sleeve

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