DSI DYI Repio Liner Self-Curing Resin for Denture Reline


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DSI DYI Repio Liner Self-Curing Resin for Denture Reline
DSI DYI Repio Liner Self-Curing Resin for Denture Reline
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Purpose: Cushioning and Renewing Dentures For Improved Fit and Gums Comfort

Attributes: Vital for preserving soft tissue health in long-worn dentures, Prevents soft tissue irritation and deformation, Retains blood supply and supports the bony foundation, Enhances denture stability, preventing loosening, Resists stains and odors, extending denture longevity, Maintains overall denture integrity over time, Natural-looking translucent pink color for aesthetics, Swift and efficient preparation for easy denture relining

Cleaning: Before sending dentures to a dental lab, always clean and disinfect following the
instructions on the packet.

Country of Origin: Israel

  • 1. Clean denture thoroughly by brushing with liquid detergent and water.
  • 2. Inspect denture for proper occlusion.
  • 3. Relieve all undercut and obvious pressure areas.
  • 4. Add 5g of powder into the mixing cup provided. Using syringe, place 3ml of liquid (one full syringe, depending on the denture size the dosage may be doubled). Mix gently with a stainless steel spatula for 30 seconds.
  • 5. After allowing the mixture to form a viscous, yet flowable state, pour the mixture into the denture, using a spatula to flow the material to the peripheral border to be certain that there is ample material to form an adequate peripheral (muscletrimming) roll.
  • 6. Rinse the mouth thoroughly with plain cold water.
  • 7. Place the denture in the mouth and close the jaw slowly to a normal biting position to bring the teeth into proper occlusion. Hold this position for 1-2 minutes before muscle trimming.
  • 8. After a further 3 minutes, remove the denture from the mouth and check for full coverage. Additional material can be added as required, as the material will blend homogeneously. If additional material is used, reinsert the denture for 2-3 minutes and re-inspect.
  • 9. Trim excess with warm water and a sharp knife.
  • 10. Visit dentist periodically for examination of progress during the resorption period. Additional material can be added as required after grinding and relieving areas where the base material has shown through.
  • 11. Tissue Conditioner can be readily removed from a denture by scraping with a blunt knife or spatula and then wiping the denture with alcohol before washing the denture with a mild detergent and warm water.
Package contents:
  • Powder 30 g
  • Liquid 20 ml
  • Mixing accessories

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