DSI ReMTA One Bioceramic Bio Active Sealer Pre-mixed Syringe 2g


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Syringe 2g
Syringe 2g
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Composition: Comprising Calcium Silicate Compounds, Zirconium Oxide, and a Hydrophilic Polymer.

Characteristics: Demonstrating Insolubility, Antibacterial Properties, Dimensional Stability, Biocompatibility, Exceptional Sealing Capabilities, and Facilitating Hard Tissue Formation.

Volume: Comes in a 2g Syringe with 10 Mixing Tips Included.

Color: Presented in a White Shade.

Setting Time: Solidifies within 180 Minutes.

High Radiopacity: Offers a Radiopacity of 9.2mm/Al.

Optimal Flowability: Exhibits a Flowability of 23mm.

Country of Origin: Israel.

  • Permanent obturation of the root canal following vital pulp-extirpation. Permanent obturation of the root canal following removal of infected or necrotic pulp and placement of intracanal dressings
Package contents:
  • DSI ReMTA One Root Canal Bioceramic Sealer Syringe along with 10 Mixing Needle Tips.
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