DSI Peri-implantitis NiTi Brush ICB-4 For Implant Debridement Removal


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DSI Peri-implantitis NiTi Brush ICB-4 For Implant Debridement Removal
DSI Peri-implantitis NiTi Brush ICB-4 For Implant Debridement Removal
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  • Intended for mechanical debridement and cleaning of titanium dental implant surface contaminated by an osseous defect of plague, calculus, or any other foreign body

Features & Benefits:

  • Effective cleaning - The brush effectively cleans the implant surface, eliminating sources of peri-implantitis without damaging the implant's integrity
  • Enhanced reach - The new ICB-4 Brush has a longer shank, providing extended reach for better access to difficult areas
  • Durable construction - Made with nickel-titanium, ensuring durability and consistent performance
  • High-efficiency fibers - The denser nickel-titanium fibers improve mechanical debridement, efficiently removing plaque, calculus, and other contaminants
  • Patient comfort - Reduces overall chair time, leading to increased patient comfort during the procedure
  • Optimal working speed - Designed to operate at an optimal speed of 500-1200 rpm, ensuring effective and safe cleaning
  • Easy connection - Features a latch-type RA connection for secure and straightforward attachment to dental equipment
  • Minimized risk of damage - The titanium bristles are specifically designed to clean the implant surface without causing damage, preserving the implant’s structural integrity
  • Versatile application - Suitable for various stages of peri-implantitis treatment, making it a versatile tool for dental professionals
  • Reduced post-treatment complications - Effective cleaning reduces the risk of post-treatment infections and complications, promoting quicker recovery

Technical Information: 

  • Material: NiTi (nickel-titanium)
  • External device connection type: Latch type (RA)
  • Optimal working speed: 500-1200 rpm
  • Autoclavable and reusable

Package includes 1 Cleaning brush ICB-4

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