DSI David EVI Spiral Implant - Internal Hex

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  • Diameter / Length
  • 3.8mm
  • 4.2mm
  • 4.5mm
  • 5.0mm
  • 8mm
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  • 11.5mm
  • 13mm
  • 16mm
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  • Wide range of restorative options, including single crowns, partial, and total prostheses
  • Applicability for both two- and one-stage methods
  • Effective performance across various bone tissue types
  • Capability for post-extraction socket installation with immediate loading

Features & Benefits:

  • Clever geometry: The David EVI Implant's unique shape boosts stability and aesthetics, setting new implant standards.
  • Coronal part excellence: Its special shape and threads ensure strong fixation and bone density, even in tough conditions.
  • Optimized implant body: Double threading distributes loads better, while deeper threads enhance stability and longevity.
  • Effortless apical positioning: Precision grooves simplify implant placement for better outcomes.
  • Advanced design elements: Innovative features like microgrooves and self-tapping enhance stability and ease of use.
  • Simplicity and convenience: Standard kit compatibility and versatile restoration options ensure easy procedures without compromising quality.
  • Versatile applications: Works well in various bone types and loading scenarios for superior results.
  • Annular microgrooves: Reduces bone tension and maximizes contact for better integration.
  • Self-tapping ability: Makes insertion easier for practitioners.
  • Progressive thread design: Ensures smooth insertion and strong initial stability.
  • Double threads: Minimizes bone resorption for longer-lasting implants.
  • Symmetrical double thread design: Speeds up installation without sacrificing performance.
  • Expanding blades: David EVI Implant offers a secure fit with both self-tapping and sealing effects. This unique feature ensures optimal implant stability and minimizes the risk of micromotion, fostering reliable osseointegration and long-term success.
  • Ultra-pure RBM treatment technology: Utilizing ultra-pure RBM treatment technology, the David EVI Implant enhances surface roughness to stimulate optimal tissue response, fostering superior contact osteogenesis.
  • Titanium alloy Ti-6Al-4V grade 23 ELI
Package contents:
  • 1 sterile implant with cover screw in a sterile double tube in blister



Internal Hex Ø2.42mm

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