DSI ApexPaste Calcium Hydroxide Paste Iodoform-free 3g syringe


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2 Syringes 3g each
2 Syringes 3g each
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3g syringe
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  • Temporary root filling
  • Direct pulp capping
  • Deep decay filling
  • After-pulpotomy treatment
  • Apexification and perforations
  • Cavity lining to prevent exposure to acid media
  • Patients allergic to iodoform

Features & Benefits:

  • Specifically formulated as an antibacterial premixed paste
  • Contains water-based Calcium Hydroxide and barium sulfate for optimal efficacy
  • Easily dissolves in water, facilitating effortless cleaning and removal
  • High radiopacity ensures clear visibility under X-ray imaging for precise treatment
  • Elevated calcium hydroxide levels enhance antibacterial effectiveness
  • Creates an alkaline environment conducive to pulp regeneration and healing
  • Capable of dissolving organic tissue, aiding in thorough canal cleaning
  • Suitable for patients sensitive to iodoform, ensuring minimal discomfort during treatment
  • Versatile usage in various endodontic procedures for comprehensive dental care
Package contents:
  • Package for selection: 1 syringe of 3g or 2 syringes of 3g each

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