Zoer Root Canal Sealer- The Key to Quality Obturation

The importance of root canal sealer in achieving quality obturation cannot be overstated, which is why selecting the right material is critical to the treatment's success. Because of its superior sealing ability, Zoer Root Canal Sealer creates a highly effective, hermetic seal, reducing the likelihood of bacterial penetration. Zoer Root Canal Sealer creates an impenetrable barrier that keeps microorganisms out and prevents further infection. Zoer Root Canal Sealer has excellent bonding capabilities between gutta-percha and dentine walls while remaining moisture insensitive. Its strong adhesive properties help it to firmly anchor itself into dentin tubules, providing long-term stability and resistance to leakage or failure. The excellent flowability of Zoer Root Canal Sealer allows it to reach and fill all the gaps and irregularities between the root canal walls and core fillings, e.g. gutta percha. Furthermore, its low volumetric shrinkage and low solubility ensure that the material remains stable and intact over long periods, promoting the ultimate goal of endodontic therapy, a hygienic root canal.

For added efficiency, the Zoer Root Canal Sealer has an innovative delivery system. The automix syringe eliminates the need to manually mix sealer components, lowering the possibility of error and saving time. This allows for greater precision and consistency in preparing the sealing material, ensuring that it is properly mixed and homogeneous. Improved handling characteristics are another benefit. The automix syringe has a controlled dispensing mechanism that allows for easier manipulation and placement of the sealer inside root canals while minimizing mess and waste. Furthermore, Zoer Root Canal Sealer comes with disposable tips, which eliminates the risk of cross-contamination during application.

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DSI Zoer root canal sealer in an automix syringe, 15gr ZOER-AM



  • Guttapurcha is used to seal root canals.


  • Dependable hermetic seal
  • Long-term stability and antibacterial protection
  • Radiopaque to facilitate follow-up
  • Non-irritating and non-staining
  • Antiseptic and anti-inflammatory properties
  • Long working hours
  • Automix syringe included for increased ease of use and efficiency.


  • Using Grossman's Formula
  • Non-staining and radiopaque
  • Thermal insulation that is second to none
  • Very long working hours
  • Excellent lubricant properties
  • Low zinc levels reduce tissue cytotoxicity and inflammation.

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