UltraSil Light Body- The Physical and Mechanical Qualities of Impression Materials

The art of accurately capturing an impression is an important aspect of the restorative process. It is nearly impossible to create a high-quality, successful restoration without it.The outcome of the impression taking procedure is highly dependent on the physical and mechanical qualities of the material of choice.With UltraSil Light Body, you will have confidence in delivering flawless impressions on the first try.The combination of thixotropic behavior and hydrophilic characteristics determine outstanding handling properties and the optimal performance of UltaSil Light Body. The material's proven hydrophilicity is ensured by the specially modified formula. UltraSil Light Body exhibits low contact angle values in the wettability assessment test. The material's improved hydrophilicity, combined with optimized thixotropy, allows it to displace intraoral fluids, flow uniformly, and provide a high degree of surface detail with no voids or gaps.

The dimensional stability of UltraSil Light Body is impressive. Because the clean polymerization reaction produces no byproducts as the material sets, shrinkage does not occur. The material is simple to remove and will not distort over time, retaining its unrivaled dimensional stability and integrity. UltraSil Light Body has exceptional elastic recovery and tear strength and can withstand significant stress during the removal process. UltraSil Light Body will help you achieve meticulous accuracy and detail in your impressions, eliminate remakes, and provide your patients with exceptional quality restorations.


  • Specially modified formula guarantees the material's proven hydrophilicity.
  • Helps achieve meticulous accuracy and detail, reducing the need for remakes.


  • Every time, the outcome is predictable and consistent.
  • Fine details are captured with unrivaled accuracy.
  • Remakes are no longer a waste of time, material, or money.
  • Hydrophilicity that has been demonstrated
  • Behavior that is thixotropic
  • Tear strength and elastic recovery are exceptional.
  • Excellent dimensional stability
  • Effortless removal
  • There is no distortion.
  • Procedure that is faster and easier for a more comfortable patient experience
  • Excellent maneuverability
  • Dispensing from the dispenser gun is hygienic and direct.


  • Suitable for use with the double mix impression technique
  • impressions of the crown and bridge
  • Implant and inlay restorations
  • Disposable Dentures
  • Whenever you require the highest definition impression copy with the most detail


  1. 2x Dual-port Cartridge 50ml/80g

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