DSI Refrigerant Ice Cold Spray Elicits Pulpal Nerve Reactions

The DSI Refrigerant Ice Cold Spray is a tool for eliciting an immediate response from pulpal nerves and obtaining accurate pulp vitality test results. DS-Ice Spray is much colder than ethyl chloride, ice, or many competing products on the market, reaching temperatures as low as -45°C (-49°F)! The spray is simple to use and store, and the nozzle allows for precise and easy application.

Unlike traditional techniques that require unpleasant stimuli or lengthy wait times, DSI Refrigerant Ice Cold Spray provides immediate and consistent feedback. The spray can be used to ice a cotton pellet before applying it to the tooth's facial surface. Dental professionals can use DSI Refrigerant Ice Cold Spray to evaluate the nervous response in seconds and make an accurate diagnosis of the pulpal state.

Aside from speed, DSI Refrigerant Ice Cold Spray excels in patient comfort. The spray's cold sensation is generally well-tolerated, and it contributes to a more positive and stress-free dental experience.

You can say goodbye to guesswork and hello to a precise and efficient method of testing pulp vitality with Dental Ice Cold Spray.


  • Considerable cold reduction -45°C (-49°F)
  • Convenient and simple application
  • Elicits instant nervous response of the pulp
  • Odorless
  • Fresh mint flavor
  • Environmentally friendly
  • Aids in accurate diagnosis
  • Also suitable for the quick  cooling of impression/casting material

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