DSI GuttaSoft- Non-Irritating Gutta Percha Solvent

DSI GuttaSoft is an excellent gutta percha solvent that strikes the ideal balance between clinical safety and solvency power. The biocompatible solution is safe for both the patient and the dental professional, and it has a high softening efficacy on gutta percha. One of the most important steps in determining the success of endodontic retreatment is the complete removal of gutta-percha and sealer. DSI GuttaSoft is a viable substitute for chloroform and power-driven instruments. Chloroform is cytotoxic and potentially carcinogenic, and mechanical techniques alone can cause tooth structure damage. DSI GuttaSoft dissolves filling materials inside the root canal efficiently and eliminates the risks associated with solely mechanical desobturation. The solvent is non-irritating and safe for periapical tissue and oral mucosa. DSI GuttaSoft is also useful for fitting primary gutta percha in root canal filling techniques that use the lateral condensation method. Softening the surface of gutta percha points allows for better adaptation to the root canal system's complex anatomy and curvatures.


  • DSI GuttaSoft is an excellent gutta percha solvent, ensuring an optimal balance between clinical safety and solvency power.


  • a large solvent capacity
  • Clinical effectiveness
  • Biocompatible and safe
  • There are no carcinogenic or toxic effects.
  • Less volatile than chloroform/trichloroethylene.
  • Based on natural ingredients, it is non-irritating to the oral mucosa and periapical tissue.
  • Rapid response


  1. Solvent liquid (dropper bottle) 10ml

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