Optimizing Surgical Outcomes with DSI PTFE Suture

DSI PTFE suture is an excellent choice for a wide range of surgical procedures where patient safety and comfort are critical. DSI PTFE suture is a sterile, non-absorbable surgical monofilament suture. The DSI PTFE suture slides easily through tissue when paired with a high-grade needle made of imported heat-treated laser-sharpened stainless steel. DSI PTFE suture is the material of choice for even the most sensitive patients due to its chemical inertness and complete biocompatibility. A remarkably strong bond between carbon and fluorine determines its nondegradable, biologically inert properties. There is no known enzyme in the body that can cleave carbonfluorine bonds. With flattened, solid, and tight knots, DSI PTFE suture provides excellent security. The material's smoothness reduces the possibility of tissue damage and bacterial accumulation at the surgical site, promoting healing. The outstanding performance of DSI PTFE suture during clinical use is enhanced by its high tensile strength, excellent dimensional stability, lack of package memory, and ease of use. 


  • High tensile strength, excellent dimensional stability, no package memory, and ease of use contribute to outstanding performance during clinical use.


  • Soft and flexible for the comfort of your patients
  • Ultra-smooth
  • There is little to no package memory.
  • Total biocompatibility
  • Bacterial migration into the surgical site is minimized.
  • The needle is so sharp and powerful that it can penetrate the bone and remain sharp even after 30 passes.

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